Numbers and facts

Company logo and product logo, business card, website

The appearance to take off

Mission Overview

A message arrived at the RocketWM Space Center!
The digital appearance for an ordination in Vienna should be developed. In two months will be unlocked. Time is running out.


The following is required:

  • Company Logo

  • Product logos for creams and soaps

  • business card

  • Website with an appointment booking system


The crew can not hang a pilot in distress and has promised the mission!

Kickoff Meeting with the Crew

To get the mission off to a flying start, the crew designed a structural plan prior to the kickoff meeting to increase efficiency at the meeting and provide all the important information about the upcoming mission.


The crew recommended starting with the company logo, then designing the business card and finally tackling the design of the website.


The specifications of the pilot for the company logo were as follows:

Connected with nature, flowers, healing by plants, distance from medication


Caroline then made three versions to see if the pilot's specifications were met.

The pilot has fallen in love with the middle logo, only in the font "Skin" to come into its own.
The change was made quickly and that's what the logo looks like so far.

The next step was to find the right color combination. The pilot, however, had no precise information. Caroline knew how to help and designed different color combinations to create more impressions

The right color options were quickly found with the color turquoise!
The logo development was completed and the foundation stone for the business cards was laid.

Business cards for the ordination in Vienna

The second step in a corporate image is the business card.

Caroline got down to work and created two variatins.

The Website 

The web-presence of the ordination is the linchpin between patient and ordination.
For this reason, relevant information such as opening hours and address must be readily apparent.


Furthermore, a blog and a booking system is planned. This allows patients to make an appointment online.

The website was based on the corporate identity of logo and business card to create a recognition value.

Unverbindliches Gespräch vereinbaren.

The RocketWM is the digitalization company from 1150 Vienna, which ensures your professional online presence, leading to more visibility.

With coordinated web design concepts and transparent costs and prices, the crew convinces their pilots again and again!

Web design in connection with online marketing makes an unbeatable combination!

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