Numbers and facts

Popup Store in Vienna

Over 100 donation requests through the Website.

Mission Overview

The Offener Kleiderschrank is a non-profit organization in Vienna. They are committed to giving homeless and vulnerable people back a sense of appreciation, ownership and love.


The crew has given the Offener Kleiderschrank a digital appearance and thus laid an important foundation for the growth of the organization.

Kickoff Meeting with the Crew

Before each mission launch, the crew announces a kickoff meeting to discuss mission requirements and goals.


During the conversation, the crew heard that the website was intended to present the open wardrobe in a clear and uncomplicated way and that important information such as the address of the PopUp Store should be found.

Website implementation

The crew had complete freedom of design in this project and decided on a OnePager based on the pilot's "clear and uncomplicated website".
After the launch of the website, the open wardrobe had an official appearance and could answer so many questions about the project in one go.

In the meantime, there were more than 100 requests for donations via the website and the PopUp Store had been open throughout the summer of 2019 to receive all donations!

Impressions of Offener Kleiderschrank

Through team play and clear communication, the crew has managed to dress hundreds of homeless and in poverty endangered people with the open wardrobe.

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