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Mission Overview

Pilot Mauerer approached us with a clear mission!

Mauerer wants to give more importance to the three local locations in Vienna with a uniform and structured website.

The hat brand "Mauerer" should be in the foreground.


In the kickoff meeting, another mission goal quickly became clear.
The website should meet the target group of Mauerer exactly and be visible for the most relevant keywords for the Niche Hut in Vienna.

Kickoff Meeting mit der Crew

In the kickoff, the pilot's needs were determined and noted with specific questions.


This resulted in the following mission protocol:

  • Web Design

       The website is intended to resemble the corporate identity of the company and specifically introduce the           locations in and around Vienna.

       A blog should be integrated on the website to inform visitors about news on hat trends.

  • SEO - search engine optimization of the website

       The website is to be optimized for keywords such as "hat shop Vienna" and "buy hat".

  • Online Marketing - for the extra boost

       The advertising on Google and Facebook should strengthen the launch of the site and appeal to a wider             audience.

The implementation of the website

Bernhard was responsible for the implementation of the web design.

Thanks to the kickoff meeting, wishes for design, necessary functions and open pilot questions were clarified in advance.

That's how Bernhard hit the bull's eye in the first round of feedback on web design.
Except for small changes, the design was on the first try!

Google Ads for the extra boost

In order to get the best results with advertising on Google, the crew has set the radius of advertising on Vienna and the surrounding area.
The website is aimed at the local target group, so the advertising should have no other destination!

In the design of the ad was deliberately paid attention to the link with the site extension, users can already get a picture of Mauerer in advance. At constant costs.

The strategy works!
The local locations are seeing an increase in customers from the internet.
Due to the constant support of the crew, the ads receive an average of 19% clicks. This is reflected in the low advertising costs.

Retargeting with Facebook Ads

People who have visited the website receive an advertisement via Facebook in order to draw attention to the headquarters of Mauerer. It includes directions to always and everywhere to find the way to the parent company.

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